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We only employ factory trained plumbers, they’re the best at fixing leaking pipes.

Pittsburgh Emergency Plumbing is here to help you fix any type of plumbing issue. No matter what time it may be, we have an emergency plumber available 24/7 who can come out and provide high-quality pipe repair services at a reasonable price. Known for connecting customers with top-rated local technicians across Pittsburgh, we are here to help when you find yourself with a leaking or burst pipe. Don’t delay; call us for help today!

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Stop Leaks Instantly - Testing Flex Tape And Nashua Stretch & Seal!

Stop Leaks Instantly – Testing Flex Tape And Nashua Strech & Seal! 
Today we put a couple different products to the test! First we try the as seen on TV flex tape to see if it can actually stop a leak instantly. Next we try out the Nashua Stretch & Seal to see if it can stop a leak. We have a third wild card in the contest, but you will have to watch till the end!

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Pipe leaks can start as a minor issue, but they have the potential to become a major disaster if left unchecked. In fact, leaking and burst pipes are some of the leading causes of emergency floods. That’s why you need emergency plumbers on board! When you call Pittsburgh Emergency Plumbing, we can send an after-hours plumber to your property right away to prevent your leaky pipe from causing catastrophic flooding.


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