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At Pittsburgh Emergency Plumbing, we take pride in ensuring that every customer who calls us gets paired with a top-quality, 24-hour plumber. When you call our team, you can trust you’re going to find high-quality service for your shower repairs from start to finish. Whether you have a broken shower, leaky faucet, clogged sink drain, or malfunctioning water heater, give our team a call today for affordable, highly-rated plumbing services!

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Do you need help with routine plumbing maintenance services? Or maybe you need emergency services to fix a broken water heaterclogged main sewer line, or leaking water line?

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We only employ factory trained plumbers, they’re the best at repairing showers.

We understand that you want a professional plumber you can trust for your shower repairs in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. That’s why you should contact Pittsburgh Emergency Plumbing: we can pair you with a licensed local plumber who will get the job done right and on time, no matter when you need plumbing services! For 24/7 shower and bath repairs you can trust, reach out to Pittsburgh Emergency Plumbing today!

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Fix shower faucet that is only hot or cold. Valve cartridge replacement.

In this video we show how to fix a shower that won’t get hot (the fix also works if it won’t get cold). All it takes is a screwdriver, pair of pliers, and a replacement cartridge!